Questions for a Queen: Kameron Micheals

Kameron Michaels

Kameron Michaels

Drag and brunch. My two very favorite things. If you can combine the two, you must. That's what happens at Suzy Wong's House of Yum every Saturday and Sunday from 10:30-2pm. You eat incredible food (were talking Wasabi Deviled Eggs, Biscuit BLT Sliders and Katsu Chicken & Waffles people), drink mimosas or your favorite specialty cocktail all while drag queens perform during your meal making the experience one you won't soon forget. We're not talking any performance- we're talking up close and personal, dances around the room, interacts with you performance. Come ready to play! My personal favorite is Miss Kamron Michaels. She's my favorite for numerous reasons (her makeup game will make your jaw drop (the one you thought you were contouring right until you see her), her attire makes you rethink your latest purchases and she happens to be my hair stylist (so naturally she wins my heart). She answers a few questions about said brunch below!

How did Kameron get her name? Kameron Michaels got her name after a much needed revamp to my first drag was Arianna St. Claire. HA! I laugh every time I remember it. It was just not me. I wanted an androgynous name and that is why I chose Kameron. I chose the last name Michaels because I thought it sounded strong and there were no other queens in Nashville at the time with that name. I didn't want to be connected or associated with another "family." I wanted to rise myself and be my own individual.

Who makes Kameron’s attire? If you do, how long does each outfit take and where does the inspiration come from? Kameron's attire comes from several outlets. Tory Cossintino Ford has made a lot of my bigger or more intricate pieces in the past. Most recently, my very best friends (literally, my 2 best friends) have followed their passion for costume design and started their own small business. They are making a lot of my new pieces. Outfits can take anywhere from several hours to several days...sometimes weeks if they're elaborate enough. Inspiration comes from EVERYWHERE: runways, celebrities, movies, television, other queens, a stroll through the club wear section of your local girl's boutique...haha EVERYWHERE!

Do you have a go-to song to perform in? If so, why is this your song of choice? I tend to do a lot of top 40's. That does not necessarily mean current top 40's. Let's be honest: You are performing at night in a nightclub. People are drinking, people are there to have fun. When people hear a current popular song they're living for at the moment or when they hear something nostalgic from their childhood...they get up and they move! That's my job as an's not about me, it's about them. I'm just the vessel delivering the good time. When someone is dancing around and singing back to me, I LIVE FOR THAT. Shorter answer? Ariana and Rihanna. Those are always my go-to's.

Kameron’s makeup is on point! How long does it take her to look that good? THANK YOU! That's subjective I suppose. There's always something I hate when I'm finished, but it's never going to be perfect...and that's why I always have room for improvement! If I take my time without having to rush, that is when I am most happy with the result. I like to allow myself a minimum of 2 hours to do everything. I can do it in an hour and a half or less, but I'll be taking shortcuts and that's never the product I want people to see.

You’re a bomb hairstylist- does this help you at all with Kameron’s locks? Oh gosh...I'm given a hard time for not doing more with my wigs. I've just recently started doing a little more with them given it's expected of me haha. I just do hair for most of the week and the last thing I wanna do when I come home at night is go to the gym and then come home and do more hair. I'm making excuses...but I'm getting better!

How did Drag Brunch start for you? Drag Brunch was offered to me when I was working in the DP House Party show which was a weekly show held on Sunday Nights at Play Dance Bar. Literally maybe 3 people will remember this, but I use to host my own talent night way back when at the old Cabaret Episode 2. I've been on a mic, I educate in hair styling talking in front of people...I knew I could handle it. Funny how I completely failed my final exam in speech class senior year because I was so mortified about being up in front of people talking. Now look at me: I put on little outfits and twirl around with a microphone and entertain a restaurant full of people. I LOVE IT.

Where can everyone catch you performing? I don't have a regular schedule right now (that can always change)! I probably perform at least once or twice a month in town and I always try to post in advance to let everyone know. I got really busy with the salon and traveling/teaching for a product company that I had to take a break from working at the bar and make sure that had my full attention. I absolutely love drag, there's nothing else like it, but I love hair just as much. You can catch me twirling sometimes at Suzy Wong's for the amazing Drag'N Brunch and then next door at Play Dance Bar for a packed weekend night with some of the best entertainers in the country!

Favorite Kameron moment thus far? My favorite Kameron moment so far was probably the Nashville Pride Pageant I competed in this past spring. It was the most stressful, crazy, amazing experience ever. I've won another pageant in the past, but it was very last minute. This time I spent the better part of 2 months preparing for the event. Dance rehearsals, costumes, music mixing, it was a lot. And I was gone the last two weekends before the pageant! It all came together so beautifully. I placed 2nd and I can honestly say I was not upset at all. I was ecstatic for days afterwards at how well everything went. You feel like a rock star pulling it all off!

Any embarrassing drag stories? Oh you remember when Madonna's cape pulled her off stage? When Beyonce tumbled down the stairs? The first, second, and third time GaGa took a tumble in her platforms? EVERYONE working on stage knows there is always a chance for an oopsie. An outfit falls apart, you slip, you handle it and you keep going! I'm the hair loser. I lose my hair on stage more than anything. It's happened twice. It's mortifying. You're a man in a dress in a room full of people with a spotlight on you...and your wig falls off. I mean can you imagine? I picked mine up and dusted the floor with it like a mop to the beat of the song last time. I mean, what else are you going to do? Toss it in the air, do the splits on it and get up and perform the hell out of the rest of your song. Shit happens.

Something everyone doesn't know about you? My parents. They were/are always supportive of me. My dad is no longer with us, but even he came once to see my show. They surprised me. He was cool with it but I never thought he would come and see it live in person. Your little boy...dressed up as a sexy girl dancing around stage and taking dollars from people. I can imagine not being a part of the LGBTQ community, seeing that for the first's probably a little weird haha. We talked at the bar after one of my numbers. He looked me up and down and then chuckled a little bit and said, "Well, you're almost as tall as me now." He was referring to my height in heels. I was 5'10" without them. He was 6'6". My mom has always been my biggest fan. Out to my shows, going to gigs with me that I was hired to do outside of the bar...she's there whenever she can be. She's mom to some of my friends that don't have a supportive family. She's mom to a lot of kids at the local Oasis Youth Center where LGBTQ youth can go to feel safe and welcome. That's a fact I want everyone to know about Kameron. My family loves me. My parents loved me. I was never told I had to hide who I was. As long as I wasn't hurting anyone I could do anything I wanted in life. And I'm doing it. <3

You can get your hair game on with Dane (he's Dane by Day, Kameron by Night) by clicking here.



She's one hell of a Make-Up Artist too! Find some of my favorite work of hers below...