Don't be a Drag

When you're attending 3 drag shows in 3 days and you realize your entire wardrobe is always ready for this moment...

Tips to ensure you're not a "drag" when attending these shows:

Step 1: Sparkle.

Step 2: The over-use of animal print is always invited.

Step 3: Your best accessory is your George Washingtons.

Step 4: If you are not acquainted with the terms "YASSS," "WERK" AND "GET IT" you might want to practice screaming these terms now at the top of your lungs. Then repeat.

Step 5: Always support, never judge. That should be a life rule, but I digress...

Step 6: Come ready for a show, don't be the show.

She's Gone Country...

It's that time again folks. The show of all shows. The one and only, HotMess Drag Show supporting the Human Rights Campaign and Nashville Cares. Concluding the end of the HotMess kickball season and falling in line with Nashville Pride, this show gets BIGGER and BETTER every single time. Who doesn't appreciate a man who performs better in heels than most women? I'm just sayin'...

The theme of this year's show was country-based with a Real Housewives twist. And honey, the girls delivered! Curious about the day-of preparations and back-stage happenings? Read the interview below from a seasoned vet of the show, Miss Kennedy Ann Scott. 

How long does it take you to prepare an outfit for a performance?

It really depends on the song choices I do and the time I have to prepare for a performance. Normally, it will take me a week to either find an outfit or create an outfit. If I am in a big time crunch I can put something together in about a day. 

What is the worst part of being a girl for a few hours?

Cinching my waist. I tend to wear a corset, and 3 body shapers. To say the least, it's tight! Beauty is pain. It's also tough to be a southern belle. Watching those P's and Q's! Wink wink. It's really not that bad, just gets a bit warm in the summer time....  

What songs did you perform for this show and why? 

I preformed "Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood. I like her as an artist, I like and do a lot of her songs! I also enjoy being a blonde bombshell! I also got to open with my best Gal Pals and close the show! 

What was your favorite moment of the show?

My favorite memory from this past show was being able to welcome and open the show. Get everyone warmed up! I really like to make people laugh and feel good! I always enjoy doing this show with my best gals! It makes it better when you get to entertain with your family! 

Any drag horror stories you care to share?

Well, my horror story in drag would be from my first time preforming in Nashville, it was the HotMess Charity Show. I was about to go on stage and I felt my girdle snap, then my tucking tape shifted. When I went out on stage into a sexy move my left ball popped out and the crowd lost it. Luckily, they were shaved and cute! Needless to say we raised some money!! Haha!  You just have to laugh those moments off! 

What does the day-of a show look like for you?

The day of a show I am laying out all my things, outfits, pads, body shapers, accessories, makeup. I send out a Facebook message to inform people, I advertise a lot because I really know people will love coming! I guess I annoy them until they come! Ms. Kennedy tries to get what she wants- an audience! Ha! I may run a last minute errand, if I don't like something. Showering, shaving, then beating the face!   

Any pre-show rituals?

I have to pace back and forth, while saying 3 Hail Mary's it's my Catholic background. I have pre-show anxiety. Once I hit the stage that's all gone! 

Best memory in drag?

My best memory in drag would have to be, when I was asked to host Framily Feud for the Lipstick Lounge here in Nashville! I really felt like I had made a name for Kennedy Ann Scott! I am truly honored to have my own show! It's always exciting and fun! I love to entertain and interact with people! 

Where can everyone catch this Framily Feud performance?

Every Wednesday from 7-9pm at The Lipstick Lounge in East Nashville I host Framily Feud. We play like the TV show Family Feud except it's live and hosted by a queen! I send questions to the owner of Lipstick and she then sends them out to a panel. I get the answers and plug them into the game board program and then it's show time! It's a great time and NEVER boring! Come join us!!!

Hot Mess? As if hunty....


I sat down with one of my very favorite people, who also happens to be one of my favorite Drag Queens to discuss the founding and continued success of HotMess Sports. Check out all that is HotMess here:

1. For the small population living in Nashville that don’t know, can you explain what HotMess Sports are and how long have they been around? HotMess Sports is a local Gay/Gay Friendly Adult Sports League that was established in Fall 2012.

2. How many people did HotMess start with and how many people are currently participating? We started Season 1 with 120 members now after Season 6 we have over 400 members.

3. You do an annual drag show every year, what does this support? From Season 1 we have done a Charity Drag show every season.  We donate ALL money from the door/cover charge to local and national charities. We've donated to Nashville Cares, HRC, and OutCentral. Donate to these charities here:

4. In 3 words describe the Hot Mess Drag show… Hot, Hilarious, and HOT MESS.

5. The theme is the 90's, what song will you be performing? Well the Fugees of course. Ready or Not.

6. They call you Milania, how did you come up with the name? Back in 2010 while living in DC I dressed up for a drag kickball game. Everyone said I looked like Teresa Giudice's daughter. Milania was born.

7. If Milania was a cocktail what would she be? Patron XO cause its dark, spicy, and has a punch.

8. Milania is stranded on an island, she can take 3 people. List these 3 and for what skill set (be it entertainment) they will provide? Beyonce, so we can do each other's hair and make up dances together. Tom Ford, so he can create island outfits for Beyonce and I. Bear Grylls, cause someone has to take care of us and he's hot.

9. Sequins or glitter? Both, just depends where we're going...

10. Milania’s best quality and her worst? Best is a tie between her Legs and her Lips, and let's be honest that's all you need. Worst would be her flat chest, but they keep her in sample sizes.

11. Future goals for HotMess? HotMess continues to grow.  We now not only offer Kickball, but Dodgeball and Volleyball as well.  We as a league attend 2 tournaments a year. One in DC and one in Vegas. We've done a calendar and we've raised over $15000 for charities. The future is endless.

12. Can anyone play in HotMess sports? Yes, HotMess Sports welcomes all people. Gay, Straight, Jock, Nerd, Girl, Boy. ALL!

13. The most important question of all, why wasn’t La Bouche included in this year's line up? Unfortunately, La Bouche wouldn't release their song catalog to us for the Drag Show. I hear they aren't the best to work with...

14. What one reality TV star is Milania dying to give a hair makeover to? Milania is way too busy to watch reality tv, but she hears Kandi Burgess has a mess on her head down in the ATL.