Kiki, Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

One month ago something pretty fucking amazing happened: I GOT ENGAGED. I know, allow me to let you catch your breath. Hunty! Has it ever been a journey getting here! We may have gotten off the path a time or ten. I was starting to think he got lost on 440, turns out he was living less than a mile away. Just your everyday story. You know your typical fairytale of boy meets girl (Memphian meets Metro Detroiter), they court (he ends up being more boujee than her with his charcuterie boards and pressed pants), they fall in love and they ride off into the sunset (they uber their asses to brunch every Sunday). Forgive me, times have changed a bit…

So naturally when this happened, there was only ONE way to ask my future bridesmaids and it required Drake. Clearly. So I found these Kiki bridesmaid cards courtesy of thatCoolArt in Canada (you know, Drake’s hometown) on Etsy and I was all set to ask!

Nothing beats a custom card or the directness of asking: “Are you riding?”