Homemade Shower

The traditional thought of "No Boys Allowed" at bridal showers has been thrown out the window. In preparation for a friend's (your beauty contributor) fast approaching wedding in September, we couldn't help but have our favorite guys. Also, venue schmenue. Have it at a friend's beautifully decorated, extremely comfortable, you-have-to-see-this home. Intimacy. Shower's lack intimacy, And also, depth, they lack depth. Listen, I know what you're thinking, how intimate does she need a shower to be? I just think you should never go into any experience and know the outcome before you step your foot in the door. You would never have expected Iggy Azalea to be blaring as you enter, now would you? The typical scenario is tired: arrive + give gift +awkward shower game = that's all folks. C'mon we can do better than that. So we did. You have a few men you love and want invited? Done. Home-cooked (partially) appetizers?  You got it. A personally named theme drink that might have caused a few (or multiple) slurs in the afternoon hours of a Sunday? It's all yours (pour at your own risk). You could gather at a restaurant, get your gifts and send out your thank-yous like everyone else or you could do it yourself and live a little. Do watch out for the "Blushing Bride" drink or you'll end up the "Hungover Misses." 

Recipe: Blushing Bride Punch

1 Serving: 3 oz Bison Grass Vodka/ 3 oz Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice/ 1/2 oz Black Pepper Simple Syrup/ Ice, add lots of ice...