Hot Mess? As if hunty....


I sat down with one of my very favorite people, who also happens to be one of my favorite Drag Queens to discuss the founding and continued success of HotMess Sports. Check out all that is HotMess here:

1. For the small population living in Nashville that don’t know, can you explain what HotMess Sports are and how long have they been around? HotMess Sports is a local Gay/Gay Friendly Adult Sports League that was established in Fall 2012.

2. How many people did HotMess start with and how many people are currently participating? We started Season 1 with 120 members now after Season 6 we have over 400 members.

3. You do an annual drag show every year, what does this support? From Season 1 we have done a Charity Drag show every season.  We donate ALL money from the door/cover charge to local and national charities. We've donated to Nashville Cares, HRC, and OutCentral. Donate to these charities here:

4. In 3 words describe the Hot Mess Drag show… Hot, Hilarious, and HOT MESS.

5. The theme is the 90's, what song will you be performing? Well the Fugees of course. Ready or Not.

6. They call you Milania, how did you come up with the name? Back in 2010 while living in DC I dressed up for a drag kickball game. Everyone said I looked like Teresa Giudice's daughter. Milania was born.

7. If Milania was a cocktail what would she be? Patron XO cause its dark, spicy, and has a punch.

8. Milania is stranded on an island, she can take 3 people. List these 3 and for what skill set (be it entertainment) they will provide? Beyonce, so we can do each other's hair and make up dances together. Tom Ford, so he can create island outfits for Beyonce and I. Bear Grylls, cause someone has to take care of us and he's hot.

9. Sequins or glitter? Both, just depends where we're going...

10. Milania’s best quality and her worst? Best is a tie between her Legs and her Lips, and let's be honest that's all you need. Worst would be her flat chest, but they keep her in sample sizes.

11. Future goals for HotMess? HotMess continues to grow.  We now not only offer Kickball, but Dodgeball and Volleyball as well.  We as a league attend 2 tournaments a year. One in DC and one in Vegas. We've done a calendar and we've raised over $15000 for charities. The future is endless.

12. Can anyone play in HotMess sports? Yes, HotMess Sports welcomes all people. Gay, Straight, Jock, Nerd, Girl, Boy. ALL!

13. The most important question of all, why wasn’t La Bouche included in this year's line up? Unfortunately, La Bouche wouldn't release their song catalog to us for the Drag Show. I hear they aren't the best to work with...

14. What one reality TV star is Milania dying to give a hair makeover to? Milania is way too busy to watch reality tv, but she hears Kandi Burgess has a mess on her head down in the ATL.