An Open Letter to 2015

Dear 2015,

Bring it. No really, bring it. Give me your best shot. Give me all you got. Challenges, triumphs and everything in between are welcomed. Bring on the fun, the laughter and all the excitement you can muster. Bring on the trials that make you stronger, the lessons we have to learn and the moments that test our character. Bring it. This marks year 5 in Nashville and it keeps getting better. So I expect nothing less from you this year. Go ahead, pull out all the stops. Make it rain. You can go ahead and turn away worry, disappointment and all assholes. You know the ones. The ones the world needs less of. Also, people who don't use their blinkers, I'd like to see less of them this year. Bring it. Let's make it interesting shall we? I invite a few curve balls mixed in with the expected. Make this the year one we all anticipate it to be. The one we're sad to see go and hard to top. BRING IT. Every year is supposed to be "THE YEAR," so why not come through for us this year? Make it one for the books. Keep us healthy, make us wealthy and teach us something worth learning. Cheers to you 2015! You've got big shoes to fill...