Kiki, Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

One month ago something pretty fucking amazing happened: I GOT ENGAGED. I know, allow me to let you catch your breath. Hunty! Has it ever been a journey getting here! We may have gotten off the path a time or ten. I was starting to think he got lost on 440, turns out he was living less than a mile away. Just your everyday story. You know your typical fairytale of boy meets girl (Memphian meets Metro Detroiter), they court (he ends up being more boujee than her with his charcuterie boards and pressed pants), they fall in love and they ride off into the sunset (they uber their asses to brunch every Sunday). Forgive me, times have changed a bit…

So naturally when this happened, there was only ONE way to ask my future bridesmaids and it required Drake. Clearly. So I found these Kiki bridesmaid cards courtesy of thatCoolArt in Canada (you know, Drake’s hometown) on Etsy and I was all set to ask!

Nothing beats a custom card or the directness of asking: “Are you riding?”


Partyin' in the Garden


When you're extra AF, your cohabitation celebration has to follow suit. When your bedfellow doesn't exactly settle for "Cheese and crackers," one quickly realizes you've both met your match and the bar has been set high. I've never been one to turn down a challenge, so when we decided on a garden party, we focused on bringing spring to our space in East Nashville. Watch it all bloom below! See what I did there? 

"The weather is so predictable in Nashville," said no one ever. Given this fact, it was decided that a tented area was a must-have! Wood pallets were used to create the flooring and walkway of a tent which housed a heater, pillows, candles galore and buckets of champagne. No detail was spared from the multiple charcuterie boards, spring-inspired desserts, countless floral bouquets and floral ice cubes. A personal favorite of mine!

You're probably wondering with such a theme if there was a dress code? The answer would be yes and if you've seen that episode of The Office, you're familiar with Connecticut Casual

The best part of celebrating, no matter how amazing the scenery, is the company you keep. I'm thankful to have shared such a special moment in my life with so many OLD and NEW friends. And one would think 30+ bottles of champagne would suffice, but one would be at a different party. 


Finger Sandwich Recipes

  Ham, Brie & Apple                     Butter French Bread, add Black Forrest Ham, Brie,  Green Apple and Dijon Mustard.       

          Prosciutto Fig                        Butter Baguette Bread, add Fig Jam, Prosciutto, Bibb  Lettuce, Salt and Pepper. 

    Roast Beef Horseradish         On Rye Cocktail Bread put Horseradish Cream and add Cucumber, Roast Beef and Salt and Pepper.   

      Smoked Turkey Apple            Butter Baguette Bread, add Smoked Turkey, add Apple Jelly and Salt and Pepper.


Potted Plant Chocolate Pudding

Mix Ghiradelli Bittersweet Chocolate Chips with Guittard Semisweet Chocolate on the stove. Pour into shot glasses and set on a baking sheet in fridge to cool. Crush up oreo crumbs and place on top of pudding. Place piece of mint in each shot glass and you're done!






 You can also use Snack Pack Pudding if like, you run out of time like some people I know...


Floral Ice Cubes

Boil distilled water then let it cool. Add water to ice cube trays filling half way, add edible flower facing down and freeze. Add more water to fill tray and freeze. Boom! You've got frozen blooms. If you can't find edible flowers, use roses, violets, pansies, nasturtiums, calendula, daylilies or lavener. Just be cautious that the flowers you are using haven't been sprayed with pesticide so none of your guests get sick!

Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’
— Robin Williams

Detroit City


Bite the Bullitt...

At least that's what happened at this years North American International Auto Show. The legenary 1968 Mustang Bullitt from the 50 year old film Bullitt reappeared and did not disappoint. Arguably the reason the film won a nomination for best sound due to the growling V8 engines, the unforgotten ten minute car chase still lives on in the hearts of many. And mine, clearly mine....

Questions for a Queen: Kameron Micheals

Kameron Michaels

Kameron Michaels

Drag and brunch. My two very favorite things. If you can combine the two, you must. That's what happens at Suzy Wong's House of Yum every Saturday and Sunday from 10:30-2pm. You eat incredible food (were talking Wasabi Deviled Eggs, Biscuit BLT Sliders and Katsu Chicken & Waffles people), drink mimosas or your favorite specialty cocktail all while drag queens perform during your meal making the experience one you won't soon forget. We're not talking any performance- we're talking up close and personal, dances around the room, interacts with you performance. Come ready to play! My personal favorite is Miss Kamron Michaels. She's my favorite for numerous reasons (her makeup game will make your jaw drop (the one you thought you were contouring right until you see her), her attire makes you rethink your latest purchases and she happens to be my hair stylist (so naturally she wins my heart). She answers a few questions about said brunch below!

How did Kameron get her name? Kameron Michaels got her name after a much needed revamp to my first drag was Arianna St. Claire. HA! I laugh every time I remember it. It was just not me. I wanted an androgynous name and that is why I chose Kameron. I chose the last name Michaels because I thought it sounded strong and there were no other queens in Nashville at the time with that name. I didn't want to be connected or associated with another "family." I wanted to rise myself and be my own individual.

Who makes Kameron’s attire? If you do, how long does each outfit take and where does the inspiration come from? Kameron's attire comes from several outlets. Tory Cossintino Ford has made a lot of my bigger or more intricate pieces in the past. Most recently, my very best friends (literally, my 2 best friends) have followed their passion for costume design and started their own small business. They are making a lot of my new pieces. Outfits can take anywhere from several hours to several days...sometimes weeks if they're elaborate enough. Inspiration comes from EVERYWHERE: runways, celebrities, movies, television, other queens, a stroll through the club wear section of your local girl's boutique...haha EVERYWHERE!

Do you have a go-to song to perform in? If so, why is this your song of choice? I tend to do a lot of top 40's. That does not necessarily mean current top 40's. Let's be honest: You are performing at night in a nightclub. People are drinking, people are there to have fun. When people hear a current popular song they're living for at the moment or when they hear something nostalgic from their childhood...they get up and they move! That's my job as an's not about me, it's about them. I'm just the vessel delivering the good time. When someone is dancing around and singing back to me, I LIVE FOR THAT. Shorter answer? Ariana and Rihanna. Those are always my go-to's.

Kameron’s makeup is on point! How long does it take her to look that good? THANK YOU! That's subjective I suppose. There's always something I hate when I'm finished, but it's never going to be perfect...and that's why I always have room for improvement! If I take my time without having to rush, that is when I am most happy with the result. I like to allow myself a minimum of 2 hours to do everything. I can do it in an hour and a half or less, but I'll be taking shortcuts and that's never the product I want people to see.

You’re a bomb hairstylist- does this help you at all with Kameron’s locks? Oh gosh...I'm given a hard time for not doing more with my wigs. I've just recently started doing a little more with them given it's expected of me haha. I just do hair for most of the week and the last thing I wanna do when I come home at night is go to the gym and then come home and do more hair. I'm making excuses...but I'm getting better!

How did Drag Brunch start for you? Drag Brunch was offered to me when I was working in the DP House Party show which was a weekly show held on Sunday Nights at Play Dance Bar. Literally maybe 3 people will remember this, but I use to host my own talent night way back when at the old Cabaret Episode 2. I've been on a mic, I educate in hair styling talking in front of people...I knew I could handle it. Funny how I completely failed my final exam in speech class senior year because I was so mortified about being up in front of people talking. Now look at me: I put on little outfits and twirl around with a microphone and entertain a restaurant full of people. I LOVE IT.

Where can everyone catch you performing? I don't have a regular schedule right now (that can always change)! I probably perform at least once or twice a month in town and I always try to post in advance to let everyone know. I got really busy with the salon and traveling/teaching for a product company that I had to take a break from working at the bar and make sure that had my full attention. I absolutely love drag, there's nothing else like it, but I love hair just as much. You can catch me twirling sometimes at Suzy Wong's for the amazing Drag'N Brunch and then next door at Play Dance Bar for a packed weekend night with some of the best entertainers in the country!

Favorite Kameron moment thus far? My favorite Kameron moment so far was probably the Nashville Pride Pageant I competed in this past spring. It was the most stressful, crazy, amazing experience ever. I've won another pageant in the past, but it was very last minute. This time I spent the better part of 2 months preparing for the event. Dance rehearsals, costumes, music mixing, it was a lot. And I was gone the last two weekends before the pageant! It all came together so beautifully. I placed 2nd and I can honestly say I was not upset at all. I was ecstatic for days afterwards at how well everything went. You feel like a rock star pulling it all off!

Any embarrassing drag stories? Oh you remember when Madonna's cape pulled her off stage? When Beyonce tumbled down the stairs? The first, second, and third time GaGa took a tumble in her platforms? EVERYONE working on stage knows there is always a chance for an oopsie. An outfit falls apart, you slip, you handle it and you keep going! I'm the hair loser. I lose my hair on stage more than anything. It's happened twice. It's mortifying. You're a man in a dress in a room full of people with a spotlight on you...and your wig falls off. I mean can you imagine? I picked mine up and dusted the floor with it like a mop to the beat of the song last time. I mean, what else are you going to do? Toss it in the air, do the splits on it and get up and perform the hell out of the rest of your song. Shit happens.

Something everyone doesn't know about you? My parents. They were/are always supportive of me. My dad is no longer with us, but even he came once to see my show. They surprised me. He was cool with it but I never thought he would come and see it live in person. Your little boy...dressed up as a sexy girl dancing around stage and taking dollars from people. I can imagine not being a part of the LGBTQ community, seeing that for the first's probably a little weird haha. We talked at the bar after one of my numbers. He looked me up and down and then chuckled a little bit and said, "Well, you're almost as tall as me now." He was referring to my height in heels. I was 5'10" without them. He was 6'6". My mom has always been my biggest fan. Out to my shows, going to gigs with me that I was hired to do outside of the bar...she's there whenever she can be. She's mom to some of my friends that don't have a supportive family. She's mom to a lot of kids at the local Oasis Youth Center where LGBTQ youth can go to feel safe and welcome. That's a fact I want everyone to know about Kameron. My family loves me. My parents loved me. I was never told I had to hide who I was. As long as I wasn't hurting anyone I could do anything I wanted in life. And I'm doing it. <3

You can get your hair game on with Dane (he's Dane by Day, Kameron by Night) by clicking here.



She's one hell of a Make-Up Artist too! Find some of my favorite work of hers below...



Real Eyes. Realize. Real Lies.

Photographer Joseph Northcutt

Photographer Joseph Northcutt

So when other cosmetic lines tell you they have the best matte lip, make sure you give Kylie Cosmetics lip kits a whirl. That shit lasts. Like the next day you still have a lip lasts....Amazingly you just line your lips and apply one coat of the matte lip gloss and you're good to go for 24 hours. Thankfully this product will not dry out your lips because ain't nobody got time for that. I do suggest taking the lip off completely with a makeup wipe so you don't wake up terrified when your still in a full lip from the day before.  

World STOP! Carry On...

Photographer Joseph Northcutt

Photographer Joseph Northcutt

At least that's how it would feel if you came untaped in this bad boy. Fashion tape is your friend in deep plunging jumpsuits, let me assure you. Otherwise you're on your own sister and I salute you. I love the neutral color of this particular jumpsuit as you can sauce it up with faux fur (save the animals), make it edgy with a leather/pleather jacket (again depending on your animal stance) or just go solo in warmer weather. I do recommend a highly qualified bathroom buddy because you know, fashion isn't always easy to get in and out of. ;)

No New Friends

Photographer:  joseph northcutt

Photographer: joseph northcutt

It's a new year. Brand spanking new. Thank God for that. 2016 started out so promising and then ended in an absolute shit storm taking several iconic legends with it. May they rest in peace and may we find some.

The common theme of the new year for many is reflection, redemption and for some regret. The what did I learn moments, the accomplishments achieved and goals for the upcoming year. The next time I'll do betters, the lessons learned. The could have, would have, should have moments of the year. Maybe you got your ass kicked this year by your job, your relationship or a friend or maybe you literally got your ass kicked to which I hope you're okay and shit. Maybe you got out of 2016 unscathed and you're all "Why was 2016 so bad?" If so what is your secret we're all dying to know?

For the greater population I think 2016 like most years, started out with such high hopes and by December 31st we're worn out, disappointed and tired as fuck. Like so tired. Does anyone else feel like they need a caffeine IV? Just me? It's fine. But why? Why are we so tired?

Let's just review 2016 shall we? In March a bombing in Brussels, Belgium killed 32 and injured 300. In May, an unsupervised 3 year old declared he was going into the gorilla habitat at the Cincinnati Zoo leading to the fatal shooting of an innocent gorilla. 15 days later the deadliest mass shooting by a solo shooter, not to mention deadliest incident of violence against the LGBTQ community and terrorist attack since 9/11 happened in Orlando, Florida. One month after that, an alligator decided a 2 year old making a sandcastle would be his prey killing him at the Walt Disney World Hotel in Florida. Exactly one month to the day later, 86 people were killed in Nice, France and 434 were injured during a terrorist attack. Add to this so many civilians innocently killed in shootings some by error and some due to preconceived notions and vice versa for those in law enforcement. Sprinkle in the deaths of 140 celebrities and some of the most iconic figures of our time. 140 PEOPLE IS A LOT OF PEOPLE LOST. There's no point in doing a tribute to those lost at the Oscars, it would run the duration of the show or as long as Matthew McConaughey's 2014 acceptance speech. Which I could watch over and over and over. And 2016 ended with the election of Donald Trump. I am literally moving on from this paragraph because it's depressing...

Now 2016 wasn't all bad. Mostly, but not all. There were brief moments of humanity shining through the destruction. Like Daryl Davis, the African American man who convinced 200 members to leave the KKK just by befriending them. Then there was that time when Best Buy employees purchased a Wii for a teen who came in every single day just to play the demo. There's the woman who has adopted 35 children, 26 of which have special needs. Who could forget Dolly Parton donating $1000/month to families in need after the Gatlinburg forest fires? See not all bad. But like, that does not even make you feel that much better. Too much bad happened in 2016.

So where does that leave us in 2017? What's the take-away? Will there be disappointment? Yes. Will there be brief moments of redemption in the human race? Yes, I said brief, you will most likely be cut off and flicked off in traffic shortly after, but be thankful damn it. Life is short? Yes. So focus on who is still standing, who is still in the ring with you, who the fuck really gets it. Who has a secret stash of bail money on hand knowing full well this may just be the year you "GO FOR IT" which might also mean "LOSE IT" or find yourself in trouble with the law. Who still has your back, who tells you what you need to hear (not what you want to hear) and who is still loyal? Loyalty is a funny thing, often times we think people are truly loyal to us, but just as often they are loyal to the thought of us, the convenience of us or what they've gained in our presence. Big mistake, HUGE.

So in 2017, no new friends stands. Act like Drake didn't already know that. If the people surrounding you would stand in the line of fire for you, defend you in your absence or at the very least tell you about the lipstick on your teeth (why do people not tell other people this?) then really take the time this year to appreciate and reciprocate the loyalty. Appreciate. Reciprocate. Repeat. We're always trying to do more, expand what we have and fix what is not broken. If your circle of friends, no matter how big or small, old or new, young or old is a loyal, loving one then cherish it this year. You're going to want more this year, you're going to want better and you're going to want it all at times, but if you have solid people in your life that have your back you just might find you've got all that you need. 

But don't get it twisted, always look out for number one. And if you find yourself in the company of a snake in the grass...cut it's head off. Isn't that how you kill a snake? Cut right through the bullshit and walk on. Life is too short to share champagne with false friends, so be mindful of who you open the door for, but take peace in always knowing where the exit is so you can show a bitch to the door upon their dismissal. No new friends in 2017. I've got mine and they're damn good. I've never had to compromise my company and I'll be damned if I have to start.

Instead of the cliche "THIS IS MY YEAR" hype, I'm more about give me what I've already got and just supersize it. More late nights, more random chaos (a personal favorite of mine) and more interesting conversations with the best people. No need to act like 2017 is going to be a game changer. Maybe it will be, but maybe it won't. If it could just be calmer than 2016's hateful ass, I'm game. Every day will only happen once so as long as my people are along for the ride, start the engine and let's do this 2017. 

Appreciate. Reciprocate. Repeat.

And show assholes the door....

Don't be a Drag

When you're attending 3 drag shows in 3 days and you realize your entire wardrobe is always ready for this moment...

Tips to ensure you're not a "drag" when attending these shows:

Step 1: Sparkle.

Step 2: The over-use of animal print is always invited.

Step 3: Your best accessory is your George Washingtons.

Step 4: If you are not acquainted with the terms "YASSS," "WERK" AND "GET IT" you might want to practice screaming these terms now at the top of your lungs. Then repeat.

Step 5: Always support, never judge. That should be a life rule, but I digress...

Step 6: Come ready for a show, don't be the show.

See Ya Summer...

As of September 22, 2016 it is officially fall. Sure you can still wear shorts and you will inevitably sweat walking to the mailbox, but eventually you can wear a shirt with a sleeve. Eventually. Here's hoping you spent some of your summer (if not all) on the water. The Harpeth never disappoints, unless of course you crash into the concrete wall or canoe into a tree full of snakes, but all fun comes with a little risk..

Red, White and Food

Photo Courtesy of Inside Bru Crew Life

Photo Courtesy of Inside Bru Crew Life



5 oz bag mini pepperonis (I used Hormel)

¼ tsp dried basil

½ tsp dried oregano

1 cup pizza sauce

1 loaf sourdough bread cup into pieces for dipping

½ cup cheddar cheese

8 oz cream cheese, softened

2 cups mozzarella cheese, divided

¼ cup grated parmesan cheese


-Preheat oven to 350 degrees

-Mix the basil, oregano, cream cheese, cheddar cheese and ¾ cup mozzarella cheese.

-Spread the cream cheese mixture into a pie pan or casserole dish. Top with the pizza sauce.

-Sprinkle the remaining cheeses (mozzarella and parmesan) on top of the pizza sauce and

 then add the pepperoni on top.

-Bake 25 minutes or until cheese has browned.

-Serve with sourdough bread pieces.


Photo Courtesy of A healthy life for me

Photo Courtesy of A healthy life for me

Watermelon, Feta and Blackberry Skewers



Watermelon, cut into 1” cubes

Block of feta cheese

Small wooden or plastic skewers


-Pre-cut your watermelon into 1” cubes and cut your block of feta cheese into coordinating slices to top    your watermelon.

-Place your watermelon cubes in dish that skewers will be served on. Repeat with feta placing on top of watermelon cubes.

-Slide the blackberries through skewer and then place on top of feta and watermelon to top off and complete skewers.

Recipes courtesy of Pinterest


She's Gone Country...

It's that time again folks. The show of all shows. The one and only, HotMess Drag Show supporting the Human Rights Campaign and Nashville Cares. Concluding the end of the HotMess kickball season and falling in line with Nashville Pride, this show gets BIGGER and BETTER every single time. Who doesn't appreciate a man who performs better in heels than most women? I'm just sayin'...

The theme of this year's show was country-based with a Real Housewives twist. And honey, the girls delivered! Curious about the day-of preparations and back-stage happenings? Read the interview below from a seasoned vet of the show, Miss Kennedy Ann Scott. 

How long does it take you to prepare an outfit for a performance?

It really depends on the song choices I do and the time I have to prepare for a performance. Normally, it will take me a week to either find an outfit or create an outfit. If I am in a big time crunch I can put something together in about a day. 

What is the worst part of being a girl for a few hours?

Cinching my waist. I tend to wear a corset, and 3 body shapers. To say the least, it's tight! Beauty is pain. It's also tough to be a southern belle. Watching those P's and Q's! Wink wink. It's really not that bad, just gets a bit warm in the summer time....  

What songs did you perform for this show and why? 

I preformed "Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood. I like her as an artist, I like and do a lot of her songs! I also enjoy being a blonde bombshell! I also got to open with my best Gal Pals and close the show! 

What was your favorite moment of the show?

My favorite memory from this past show was being able to welcome and open the show. Get everyone warmed up! I really like to make people laugh and feel good! I always enjoy doing this show with my best gals! It makes it better when you get to entertain with your family! 

Any drag horror stories you care to share?

Well, my horror story in drag would be from my first time preforming in Nashville, it was the HotMess Charity Show. I was about to go on stage and I felt my girdle snap, then my tucking tape shifted. When I went out on stage into a sexy move my left ball popped out and the crowd lost it. Luckily, they were shaved and cute! Needless to say we raised some money!! Haha!  You just have to laugh those moments off! 

What does the day-of a show look like for you?

The day of a show I am laying out all my things, outfits, pads, body shapers, accessories, makeup. I send out a Facebook message to inform people, I advertise a lot because I really know people will love coming! I guess I annoy them until they come! Ms. Kennedy tries to get what she wants- an audience! Ha! I may run a last minute errand, if I don't like something. Showering, shaving, then beating the face!   

Any pre-show rituals?

I have to pace back and forth, while saying 3 Hail Mary's it's my Catholic background. I have pre-show anxiety. Once I hit the stage that's all gone! 

Best memory in drag?

My best memory in drag would have to be, when I was asked to host Framily Feud for the Lipstick Lounge here in Nashville! I really felt like I had made a name for Kennedy Ann Scott! I am truly honored to have my own show! It's always exciting and fun! I love to entertain and interact with people! 

Where can everyone catch this Framily Feud performance?

Every Wednesday from 7-9pm at The Lipstick Lounge in East Nashville I host Framily Feud. We play like the TV show Family Feud except it's live and hosted by a queen! I send questions to the owner of Lipstick and she then sends them out to a panel. I get the answers and plug them into the game board program and then it's show time! It's a great time and NEVER boring! Come join us!!!

Champagne Puppy

No new friends, but yes to new threads. Reserve a little humor for your afternoon walks with your pooch. When I stumbled across this little gem on Etsy, I clearly couldn't pass it up.  People either get the joke or they think your dog (or you) has a drinking problem. There's already a Champagne Papi, but now you can have a Champagne Puppy. Purchase yours here.

Let's get Nasty....

When the opportunity presents itself to road trip and shop, one must do such things. There is no sale more worth the drive than Nasty Gal's warehouse sale. Thousands of items discounted up to 90% off. I repeat, 90% off. 5 days of shopping with new items added daily.  I'm pretty sure this is what Heaven on Earth feels like. We're talking $25 faux fur coats, $30 Jeffrey Campbell shoes and $5 accessories.  I'll happily drive to Kentucky in 20 degree weather any day for this. Give yourself plenty of time- there are aisles of shoes, rows of bins and more racks than you can count to go through. This is one sale you don't want to miss....

What's in your meatball?

Herby Fontina-Stuffed Meatballs in Romesco sauce? Yes, please. If you haven't joined Club W yet, you're missing out on more than great wine, but recipes personally paired with said wines. Now listen, you don't have to be a sous chef to prepare these recipes, which makes them even better. Everything from appetizers to sweets arrive on recipe cards perfect for saving and using again later. And trust me, you will use again. Cheese that spills out of your meatballs resting in a homemade Romesco sauce paired here with baby scallops and the chosen wine Chommie, is worth having more than once. So hop on the bandwagon and have 3 bottles of wine of your choice sent to you monthly with recipes that will make you a crowd favorite. 

Prep Time: 25 minutes Cooking Time: 20 minutes Servings: 10

Normal is boring.


Not into boring? I second that. Spice things up a bit with this Nasty Gal sweater paired here with the Rockett by Citizens of Humanity and the Giana from Akila Boutique. Score these shoes here. Akila Boutique launched this year and recently added a killer selection of handbags that just hit their site in time for the holidays. Normal will always be boring so put on your camo, lace up your pumps and carry your thoughts on your clutch.

One mess, two mess, three mess, FLOOR


Drag shows are like a good brunch= best paired with a strong cocktail, a good excuse to dress up and being in the company of your girls. My girls however, are on stage in wigs and sequins and I may or may not be screaming "YAAASSSSS." I might be. If there's no real evidence, it never happened. This scenario could also happen at brunch, but I digress. So when all your girls are on a shirt- the demand is high. Let's face it, if you're not on a tee, you're probably not relevant. So here's to being relevant and supporting the Human Rights Campaign. You can join in the fun tomorrow night at 8pm at Play Dance Bar, doors open at 7pm. Bring your singles....